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Who can apply for a grant?

Individual families may apply for a grant for one dog per calendar year. Grants are awarded to cover necessary, urgent medical treatment for sick and injured dogs provided by a licensed and approved veterinarian.

What type of injuries or sickness are covered under the grant?

Grants are available to cover urgent medical treatment including surgical procedures, cancer treatments, amputations, broken-bone repairs and other procedures that are urgent and life-changing for your dog. Grants cannot be awarded to cover routine preventative care, such as spays/neuters, dental cleanings or palliative care. 

How do I apply for a grant?


The application must be filled out completely, including a picture of your dog, requested medical records, and the veterinarian’s estimate for treatment. You may also download it here and mail it in. Please note, all mail-in applications generally take longer to reach the review process. Mailing Address: PO Box 18445, Irvine, CA, 92623.

How are the grant funds distributed?

Payment from Lexi’s Legacy is made directly to the treating veterinarian’s office. Grants that are not used within 30 days of the approval date may be cancelled. If you need an extension, please contact us. 

Can I receive a grant if the medical procedure has already been done?

Lexi's Legacy cannot provide reimbursement for treatment that has already been performed and

paid in full.

What factors are used to determine if I will receive a grant?

Lexi’s Legacy will decide if a grant will be awarded based upon applicant details and the availability of funds.

A different veterinarian is now going to perform my dog’s medical treatment.  How do I make  Lexi's Legacy aware?

If you’ve decided to change veterinarians, you must alert us by sending an email to: This cannot be done after funds are sent out unless under urgent circumstances.

What if I don’t have a veterinarian?

To be eligible for a grant, you must have a current relationship with a licensed veterinarian who can provide a detailed estimate of costs for any medical treatment your dog needs. This is to ensure that funds donated are used for medical treatments and to determine what funds can be allocated to the grantee in question.

What if I no longer need the grant?

If you no longer need the grant to help your dog, please let us know by emailing: This helps us re-distribute the funds to a dog in need.

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