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Yellow Lab,   2    years old

Diagnosis: Linear Bowel Obstruction

Treatment: Surgery


Lucky was rescued last year at a time when we weren’t even looking for a dog. He was wild at first with absolutely no manners, but within a few weeks of some training and extra love, he transformed into a sweet, well behaved beloved family member. He became my best friend and stayed by my side throughout my cancer treatment. He had a sense that mommy needed some extra love now. 


In March, Lucky began exhibiting signs of an illness. He wouldn’t eat, was throwing up and became very lethargic. We had him checked about 24 hrs after beginning to exhibit symptoms. After several tests and two separate vet visits they diagnosed him with a linear bowel obstruction. He was rushed into surgery the next morning and they found a piece of trampoline netting that was about 6ft long, wrapped throughout his intestines (we aren’t even sure how or why he would have gotten to that or eaten it). They removed it and he was in critical condition the first 24 hours. The next day he was brought in again for another surgery when they noticed his intestines were not in the right area after swelling decreased. He was in the hospital for several days but 4 days later came home to begin his recovery.


Lucky is doing fabulous. He is back to his normal loving goofy self. He’s healed up great, too. We are so grateful for everything and blessed that our boy is happy and healthy. 


Theresa B. - 2020

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