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Boxer/Pit   Bull Mix, 13   years  old

Diagnosis:   Adenocarcinoma

Treatment:  Surgery


Rocco didn't start out as the beautifully behaved, dedicated dog he is today, in fact, quite the opposite. I brought home a cute, happy, enthusiastic 10 week old puppy with a wiggly bottom, personality for days and a passion for destroying everything in his path. As a dog trainer I knew he needed that energy redirected and I knew he was going to be a lot of work, he definitely gave me a run for my money! Since I have several health issues, I figured training him for service work to keep him busy would be the answer to all that extra energy. Turns out he's a natural and it's been the smartest thing I ever did. Rocco takes his work seriously and is completely devoted to doing his job.


In August, Rocco was diagnosed with an adenosarcoma of the anal gland. He underwent diagnostic testing and surgery. He is doing great and continues to do his job as my service dog.


Thank you to Lexi’s Legacy for helping him thrive. I'm one lucky dog mom.


Cindy P. - 2020

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