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Doberman Pinscher,  7    months    old

Diagnosis: Multi-Level Fracture of Tibia

Treatment: Surgery


Our lovely and friendly Doberman, Sadie, is 7 months old, short, fast and energetic. Sadie was born in November 2019, and we got her in January 2020, along with her brother Jackie. They both are very active dogs and love cuddles. Sadie for one, loves to run, nibble and jump high to catch toys, and at times can be sort of show-off. Unfortunately, during one of our normal play times, Sadie jumped too high, intending to catch a tethered rope, and landed incorrectly on her left leg, causing a complex fracture. We were in total shock of not just how it happened, but of how much it actually costs to repair her multi-fractured tibia. We were told it would cost about $10,000 and during COVID-19, we were in panic mode on how we were going to be able to actually pay for her treatment. Some said to put her down, or cut her leg off, since that would have been a much cheaper option. But we were not going to give up on her, we stayed up day and night applying to financial services that could help us out and help Sadie recover and return to a semi-normal life. She was just having so much fun and now was in pain and wearing a cast. We also had the medical bill that we were struggling to pay, for her to continue living the best puppy life that she can. Sadie is a blessing and tends to lift our spirits with her charm and her kisses. According to her doctors, her healing time (since the fracture is so close to her ankle) would be 8 weeks.


We thank Lexi’s Legacy for helping us to pay a great portion of the invoice and also to help us get Sadie back home, safe and sound. 


 Love from The Chavez Family - 2020

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