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Jerry Lee

Lab/Great Pyrenees Mix, 8   years  old

Diagnosis:  Nerve Sheath Tumor

Treatment: Surgery

Jerry Lee came into my life in Feb of 2012 at 5 weeks old. He has been one of the best things to ever happen to me. Those “Who rescued Who?” stickers or statements, they are not simply a cliche. I get the sentiment 100%. He means the world to me. He has been a happy, comically stubborn, goofy gentle giant for all of his years, and I am so grateful that up until recently I was always able to provide and care for him on my own.


Being that he is part Lab (and part Great Pyrenees), lipomas are common, and he has a good share, but one in particular seemed “different”. It had been originally aspirated in Feb 2019 as a lipoma but this July the same vet wanted to recheck. This time the slide didn’t look the same. My vet wanted to remove it himself, but then decided to send me to a specialist. After being aspirated and sent to cytology, it returned as a probable mesenchymal cell tumor. I was in disbelief but immediately searched out the best people to help him. I discovered the Veterinary Cancer Group of Orange County.


Well, specialists are expensive! Diagnostics and treatments are expensive! I was fortunate to have set aside some money in savings, but that was about all I had, and due to the circumstances of 2020, after my savings I didn’t have much coming in. I knew that I would spend whatever was necessary to help him, but was also scared of being in a spot where I couldn’t pay my own bills, rent etc. The wonderful people at the Cancer Group recommended I apply to Lexi’s Legacy. Within a few days of my application, I was notified that I was approved for a grant that would help to cover the cost of a CT scan and biopsy! I couldn’t believe it! 


On Sept 9, he was able to have both procedures done, which yielded so much valuable information for the oncologist, the surgeon and for myself. With the biopsy confirming it is a (thankfully low grade) Nerve Sheath Tumor, I am confident that I am making the right choices in his treatment, and in the next step which is surgical removal. I am forever grateful and in awe of the generosity of Lexi’s Legacy. 

Erin A. - 2020

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