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Jack Russell/Chihuahua,   11    years old

Diagnosis: Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Treatment: Surgery


This is our Bella, an 11-year-old Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix. I got Bella not long after our Border Collie/Australian Shepherd Star passed away at 15. Bella has lots of energy, loves to jump and do spins. She loves to watch the door, waiting for the dogs from upstairs to come out. When she hears them, she runs to the patio, jumping up the wall. She enjoys walks around the lake, especially when the ducks are around. She is very picky about the food she eats, and would love to eat treats all day.


In February, we noticed a growth on her right knee, and didn’t know what it was. I took her to the first vet, who did a biopsy. I was told that Bella had a soft tissue sarcoma on her knee, and that she would need surgery. I started researching the cancer Bella had, and called around to find out how much it would cost.


I got a wide range of estimates and 2 doctors weren’t sure they could save her leg. It was now March and the pandemic was in full swing. My husband got laid off from his job and we were worried how we were going to pay for Bella’s surgery. I had many sleepless nights worrying about our Bella. It didn’t bother her, but needed to come off. I called a cancer center in Tustin, who suggested that I contact Lexi’s Legacy. I contacted them right away. We were so happy when we found out that she could help us, and more importantly help Bella.


Bella had her surgery and I’m happy to report that it was a success, the doctor got it all and Bella got to keep her leg. She is now walking on it and getting her energy back!


Thank you, Lexi’s Legacy, for helping Bella!

Rayna K. - 2020

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