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Pit Bull,   5  years old

Diagnosis: Gastrointestinal Bleeding, Ulcer

Treatment: Hospitalization


First and foremost I’d like to thank Lexi’s Legacy for their support. Not only financially but emotionally as well. Leslie from Lexi’s Legacy has been nothing but kind and warm hearted toward my dog, Kingston, and myself the entire time.


Kingston belonged to my father, who passed away years ago from lung cancer. Kingston was rescued from an abusive home where they bred and trained dogs to fight. Kingston was considered a liability because he wasn’t aggressive and profitable.


He was about 2 years old when my dad decided to rescue him.I decided to call him King, because he was nothing less than a king. Despite all the awful events he had been through he still smiled and was very loving. My dad wanted to call him his son so we put the two together and came up with Kingston.


From the very beginning, they both fell in love with each other. Kingston was never aggressive and was always playful. He helped my dad fight anxiety and depression before he was diagnosed with cancer. Since my brothers and I are grown, my father felt as if he was alone and didn’t have anyone to care for.


Kingston changed all that. They were inseparable until the day my father passed away. We were all devasted and Kingston was the saddest dog I have ever seen. I did not know it was possible to see a dog so depressed and crying actual tears! At that moment I knew I had to foster him in memory of my loving dad.


For several weeks it was difficult to take care of his needs since he was so attached to my dad but eventually, he opened up and was happy and smiling again. Losing my dad was by far the hardest thing I ever had to experience, and Kingston was the closest living thing to him. Kingston makes me feel like I have a part of my dad around and I am completely in love with that boy! He brings me so much joy and he does not even know it.


Recently, with Covid-19 happening, I lost my job. And what made matters worse was when Kingston became sick. He has always been a happy healthy dog and his illness was sudden and alarming. He was vomiting massive amounts of blood and could not even stand up on his own. I took him to the emergency animal hospital and he was diagnosed with gastrointestinal bleeding and anemia. When speaking to his doctor, I had to decide right then and there to either get him a blood transfusion or decline it. His life depended on it since he only had 10% of blood in his system. If I were to refuse, he was going to die.


I was overwhelmed with having to make a decision because I didn’t have enough money for rent since I got laid off, and now, I have my dog dying in front of my eyes. Losing my dad was so hard and it felt as if I was losing him all over again because of Kingston. I told the staff at the hospital that I was torn between choosing my rent or my dog’s life.


While at the hospital, I was told about Lexi’s Legacy and it was suggested that I immediately apply for a grant. At the time, so many emotions were going through my mind that I could not think straight. And the last thing I wanted to do was apply for a grant not knowing how long it would take to find out if I was approved.


But I was desperate! I prayed and gave it a shot by submitting an application for Kingston. Within the same day I received an email from Leslie regarding Kingston. And the next day Lexi’s Legacy was able to give me a grant to save my dogs life! I was so happy! Words can’t  even come close to how grateful I am.


Lexi’s Legacy not only saved Kingston, it saved my dad (watching from heaven) and myself from being homeless. Kingston is doing wonderfully and he is recovering rather quickly, according to his doctor. He is a happy and silly boy again! Thank you to everyone who was involved with saving this sweet boy’s life! Lexi’s Legacy is so understanding and compassionate! You guys Rock! Big hugs and kisses from Kingston as well!  


Mary N. - 2020

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