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Pit Bull,  9   years old

Diagnosis: Lymphoma and Tumor

Treatment: Chemotherapy


I recently lost my job due to Covid-19. During that time, my dog, Blue, developed a tumor on his left ear and was diagnosed with lymphoma. Blue had to have surgery to remove the tumor on his ear and needed to have one of his lymph nodes on his neck removed. After his surgery, he needed to undergo chemotherapy.


Blue was a rescue dog that my dear brother saved. I took over caring for Blue after my brother’s untimely passing. Blue means the world to me and my family. With all my credit cards maxed out from his surgery, I needed help to cover his chemotherapy. I reached out to Lexi's Legacy for assistance and they were able to help me with his chemotherapy treatments. I am very grateful for the help Lexi’s Legacy provided us. 


Joseph G. - 2020

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