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Australian Shepherd,   7   months   old

Diagnosis: Acute Kidney Injury

Treatment: Hospitalization


I would first like to thank Lexi’s Legacy for helping my family and I during such a difficult time. After a short hiking trip, Rue began to feel sick and within a few days she had gone downhill, losing almost 7 pounds. She lost her energy and spunk, and outpatient treatment helped only for a day. So as any pet parent does, I brought her into the veterinary hospital where I work and did diagnostics to find that she had an acute kidney injury.


She needed to be hospitalized, more testing had to be done, and medical treatment had to be started right away. It was not something that could wait, it was considered an emergency. With the pandemic going on, my brother in law losing his job, my husband on disability, and myself expecting a child soon, it was such a hard financial decision to make. My coworker then told me about Lexi’s Legacy and how they help people in situations like ours. It gave me hope that even if we did not get approved, at least we could try. God answered my prayers and sent help, and Rue had a chance. I am forever grateful to Lexi’s Legacy and am happy to report that Rue is back to her normal, spunky. energetic, loving self.


Thank you so much for all that you do and for all the people that you help.


Mariana G. - 2020

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