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American Bully,   9   years old

Diagnosis: Splenic Mass

Treatment: Surgery


Chief was the runt of the litter when I got him from a breeder in New York. He was very easy to train and the two of us have not been apart for more than 4 days since I got him. We have taken road trips to Montana, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. He is my traveling buddy.


About 2 months ago, Chief stopped eating as much as he usually did and had no interest in going on his typical long walks. He began panting heavily and his gums looked pale. I took him to the vet and they said that it was probably very serious and suggested that I put him down..He is my best friend and I just wasn’t going to do that.


I took him to another vet the next day, and they suggested x-rays. which showed a softball-sized growth on his spleen. The vet said that due to its size, it was most likely cancer. I was devastated.


The night before I was going to take him into the vet to be put to sleep, a vet tech at the hospital helped me to reach out to Lexi’s Legacy. Leslie responded that night said that she would help with a grant.


Chief had his surgery and had to stay in the hospital for 3 days, but we still had to wait for the biopsy report. We brought him home and showered him with lots of love and good food. When the vet called, I was so nervous, until he said that the mass was benign!


Now, 3 months later, Chief is doing fantastic. His energy level is back to normal, his appetite is ferocious, and his muscle tone is back.


Lexi’s Legacy was a godsend to us and gave me back my best friend.


Garrett B. – 2020

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