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Terrier/Chihuahua ,  1   year  old

Diagnosis: Ear Canal Puncture and Fractured Jaw

Treatment: Surgery/Mandibular Wiring


Deku is my 1-year old emotional support dog. He weighs 6 pounds and loves to go hiking with me. After I had him for only 3 months, he was attacked by two dogs. I took him to the vet and was told that he had a punctured ear canal and a fractured jaw. The surgeon said he needed to have his jaw wired shut. I couldn’t afford the cost for surgery, so I applied through Lexi’s Legacy and was awarded a grant to cover his surgery cost.


Deku had surgery, which included having his jaw was wired shut for several weeks. I am so grateful that Lexi’s Legacy was there to help.


Tanisha S. - 2019

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